Manifesting Shambhala

Tues 9 Oct

Glastonbury Town Hall

7-9 pm Magdelene Street, Glastonbury, BA6 9EL


The ultimate nature of reality is synonymous with the ultimate nature of Shambhala.

Manifesting Shambhala is about transforming ourselves and the inner, outer and secret worlds around us, discovering the Enlightened realm into every moment of ‘ordinary’ life

On a foundation of love and compassion supported by authentic wisdom traditions such as the Kalachakra Tantra, we all have the capacity to transform how we perceive our world and how we relate to those around us.

‘Ignorance’ is anything which distorts our perception of reality and therefore prevents experiencing reality as it actually is. ‘Wisdom’ is anything which allows us to experience reality free from limitation. While ignorance is a support for suffering and conflict, wisdom is a support for peace and harmony. These two qualities are mutually exclusive; when one is present the other is not. There are many levels of ignorance and wisdom, and therefore during life we will often experience a succession of the two.

Through the practice of a spiritual path it becomes possible to develop our wisdom regarding different levels of experience. In the Kalachakra System there are three: External, Internal and Enlightened. Each of these levels represents a distinct field of experience that when used skillfully is a ground for experiencing reality free from bias and ignorance. On the basis of this experience we can make choices that lead not only to our own peace and harmony but to that of others.