The Empowerments that Ripen the Mind

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Kalachakra empowerments act as the cause for ripening the mind and actualising the Kalachakra Path. This section contains material on how to prepare for and receive these empowerments, enabling greater confidence and understanding to maximise the blessings of Kalachakra in your mind.

Receiving Empowerments

Clearing Away Misconceptions about Kalachakra * 

By Khentrul Rinpoché Jamphel Lodrö
In this two-part teaching, Rinpoché addresses the many common misconceptions preventing students from fully engaging with the Kalachakra Teachings. He also provides his own personal approach for how to work skilfully with the extraordinary wisdom presented in this system.

Devotion and the Vajra Master

Relying on a Spiritual Guide *

By Khentrul Rinpoché Jamphel Lodrö
In this two-part series, Rinpoché discusses the importance of relying on authentic lineage masters and how to practice devotion towards them.

Root Text

The Essence of the Empowerment Chapter *

By Kalki Manjushri Yashas and Jetsun Taranatha
This text contains verses from the third chapter of the Abridged Tantra in which Manjushri Yashas describes the procedures for entering into the Kalachakra Mandala through Tantric Empowerment. This process authorises a tantric practitioner to engage in the practices detailed in later chapters. This essential summary was composed with verses extracted from the Jonang translation created by Kunkhyen Dolpopa and his students and later arranged by Jetsun Taranatha.


* Recordings available at Khentrulrinpoche.com - opens in a new window