Kalachakra Empowerment

Khentrul Rinpoche    London 2018

The Kalachakra Empowerment is a Highest Yoga Tantra Ceremony,

to be bestowed by Jonang-Shambala Tradition Vajra Master Khentrul Rinpoche. 

A precious and rare opportunity to receive the Kalachakra empowerment from a Jonang-Scholar and Rimé Vajra Master in the London area. 

The Kalachakra helps to bring the world into peace and harmony creating the causes and conditions for World Peace, so much so his Holiness the Dalai Lama has given the empowerment 34 times. One can receive the Kalachakra empowerment from any vajra master who is able to grant it, but it is only the Jonang tradition that holds the Kalachakra completion stage practices known as the 6 Vajra Yogas of Kalachakra.  For those who are interested in the advanced yogic stages of the completion stage, following this profound path through to enlightenment, a connection to the Jonang-Shambhala lineage is vital. 

During the ceremony we will receive instructions for the unique preliminary practice of Innate Kalachakra. The purpose of this practice is to become familiar with visualisation and generation as Kalachakra yab yum and receive the Kalachakra mantra so that we may accumulate vast causes for Enlightenment. This profound technique provides a skillful means to cultivate the merit to dissolve our ordinary appearances of the Outer and Inner Kalachakra to reveal the pure manifestations of the Enlightened Kalachakra.

There is no prerequisite for this empowerment. 

Participants should be prepared to take refuge, bodhisattva and tantric vows when taking the kalachakra empowerment. 



Friday 28 September,    7:30 PM – 9:00 PM


Saturday 29  &  Sunday 30 September 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM,  2:00 PM - 5:00 PM



The Study Society        

151 Talgarth Rd, Hammersmith,


W14 9DA,  UK

+44 20 8748 9338


Suggested Donation £90 *


*Everyone is welcome.  Please contact us for concessionary rate suggestions.

Personal offerings from the heart (Dana) to Rinpoche are additional