Innate Kalachakra Retreat

October 3-7  2018    ~    Tintern, Wales

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Innate Kalachakra Retreat   (with teachings on the Kalachakra Generation Stage & Zhentong View on the Nature of Ultimate Reality)

Tintern Village Hall, Tintern, Chepstow NP16 6SG
4-7 October – All Day, Residential


In this four day residential retreat, Khentrul Rinpoché will introduce the generation stage practice of deity yoga of Innate Kalachakra. This essential aspect of the Kalachakra mandala emphasizes the unique view of the Kalachakra Tantra—the ultimate union of immutable bliss and empty-form. To fully grasp this extremely profound practice, it is vital to develop a clear understanding of the ultimate nature of reality as presented in the Third Turning of the Wheel of Dharma. For this reason, Rinpoché has agreed to give a very special series of teachings in the afternoons on the subject of Zhentong Madhyamika to clarify and contextualise its importance for the practice of Kalachakra.

Zhentong teachings as a very detailed presentation of Buddha-nature. Through understanding what the Buddha was teaching in the Third Turning,  a clear distinction develops between the emptiness of inherent existence (Rangtong) and the sublime emptiness which is endowed with all enlightened qualities (Zhentong). While Rangtong is the description of how things are not,  Zhentong is the description of how things are.  Rangtong allows us to cut through mental imputations,  Zhentong is the sublime ground which is meditated on in the Vajra Yogas.

It is the sublime emptiness which gives rise to the complete manifestation of a fully enlightened Buddha. It is also this fullness which is gradually revealed by the ultimate union of immutable bliss and empty-form.


This will be a “teaching” retreat in which instructions and practice of the innate Kalachakra sadhana (Kalachakra diety practice) is paired with teachings on the nature of ultimate reality.  It is hoped to create a space in which many questions can arise. These questions could lead to discussions and explorations of ideas, giving  the opportunity for Rinpoche to tap into natural realisation and to speak spontaneously on how he understands a subject. He likes to cut to the essence of things.